Final blog

Final Post


I have had enjoyed doing CT 101 class was one of my favorite at York College.  The most part I have enjoyed creating or editing photos in the photoshops and posting to the website. I . have enjoyed creating custom photos like this one with lightness to darkness with clouds to show how my picture is interesting.  I like to reflex on the sunlight.   Or create a video in the sunlight  process.



About CT-101

My class  CT 101  is the best class for me. I  have been interested in Web design courses and I  did like to blog.

I  have also learned a  new technique of posting that  I had not known. Which is posting a gif via a giphy image into my blog  posts. I have become interested and I have liked a lot of cool features into Web site blogging courses.

I  never thought to have a CT  major was hard to have. But some of the classes are easier to do then computer sciences. I  said the CT  major is full of interesting classes to do. Then I  have decided to go for it!

I learned a lot in my two semesters at York. I  spoke with my adviser. I  said I  like the CT major.

New poem

Your are my sunshine and never be alone


Your bought me a bright side of sun.

I was always be  together with family

You had made me happy when I saw you.



Have we met you in beginning?

Another time never got chance.

If it’s was a different day, I was saw you.

What these sensibilities?

Just to make everyone happy.


I want you know,

Cause we never get-

Knowing my smile in the  bright side,

I  always  not be alone.

Everyone is together to see everyday

Dreams are something

That can’t always be there for you

Nothing we can say,

We can be  together that we  can do.



I   have decide to make image as an AT  softwares on desktop and iPad  , and headphones.  I have . currently  working . with DOE  as Assit.  tech team support. I . used JAMF   logo as  to push apps  for laptop and iPad. The headphones  show  to  listen apps  such as  co:writer and wordQ