Project 3

Project 3 RGB LED

In this project, I have used a special light that has a  many-colored light. You can choose the color that you want to pick however this light has only run curtains color like runs Red, Green, Blue. At first, I was trying to play with it and I had a  hard time with it and I was able to fix it. I have to find a   right wire to use it because this light needed a  330 K  resisters to run the light. I have used   330K resisters, Jumper wires. We only run a Ground cable in the cycle light switch however it’s repeating the color.






Project 2


Project #2  motor  control  with  counts


In Project 2, I  have learned how to use a  motor control sensor to connect the Stepper Motor board. In this project, I   could not use regular jumper cable for this project so I used Male to  Female Jumper cable to connect Stepper Motor to the controller board. The Stepper Motor board also has  + and  –  charge to power up the lights. Each lights switches go  A-D   has switched around several number steps where you are going. When I   feel the motor sensor it feels hot and moving. In the  coding, I   needed to create a  Stepper control  to move amount  step where  is  going

CT -401 Project


In Project 1, We have to test a  breadboard with a Potentiometer and a  led light with resistors.   I also needed + and – wires to work with the controller board on 5V and GRD, I had to connect them on those to work.  1 resistor and different jumper wires. However, This project is to learn how to do use Analog Read/ Write and Serial ports on the Controller board and coding.

My College impact toward senior year

Before I  have  came to York College,  I  have started  from QCC which called Queensborough Community College.  When I had started   there as a  freshmen , I  had no support  such  I  have  never had  discovered  anything  in the  beginning. I always wanted wanted do computer classes. So I  had to  take  remedial class before  I start with high classes which wan’t  fun. However, I had  pull out to  ask  people or  get attentions  from  other students  to  find the  major I  have wanted  which  internet   and information  technology. At the end  semester  during  the freshmen year I  had  to reached out to STEM   program  to declare  the major.  As  my memory  from QCC  was  pretty  fun  in my internet tech  major. I had big enjoyment  from the  web design classes . I have learned  doing  designing in android    phones  and programming a  websites.  One of the  classes  I did not like was  one of science  class QCC,However I  had   learned  technology and energy saving .

After , I  finished the QCC, I  have 2 course at City  tech to try out. I  did not like there   because morning travels was  giving too much  problem getting into Brooklyn. Then I  had reached  out  to my  advisers at QCC to  see  what college they recommended to go. they have  referred to go York College, to  get major in communication  technology  in Web development  I  have  enjoy York college classes such as CT 101 ,ENG 384,CT 137. I  had struggled in Speech 350 because I  never   done  online class, I have  used   in the person all the time. However I  had some assist getting assignment  done online or getting help understanding  the content. Today, I am almost done  my  major  in this  pandemic situation,I  have   many different professor are doing online  programs  such as zoom,blackboard  and today  another new  technology  to was Discord  and CUNY  commons. I  had been wondering there always  new   tools out there can been used. This  class  has  discovered many different   things, I  did not realized  that Discord   is  just like  blackboard collaborate ultra but Discord    can do  your own  instead being controlled but you can send a link. CT  -399  is a first experience  good start  in  online  program instead meeting the  person.