Project 9



Project 9-

Intro/ Analyst

In Project 9 , I  have  decided  to  create led  light  with   water  sensor  level. There  are  three light   color  for  this project.   In these light will  shows  which   water sensor  levels are.  Each   light changes  show color  change by putting in cup. When I  put in the cup the  blue and red lights come on.  This  show  how  much  water level in  the  cup.


Project 6

In this project  , I  have decided  to create  a  led lights  by using  water  sensor to  show  how  much  rain  we  have  got. The  red and mean we  got  the  most  and  heavy   rain along strong yellow  led light. Once my water  sensor  is not in  cup  that means  is  not raining, show  in blue  led light.

I  had to trouble shooting since not sure  why my  blue led light to come  up so I  to play  with  wires and  the  blue  light  has come on.



Project 8 from Workbook

Project 8- Workbook


In Project 8, I have learned how to use the Tilt switch instead of a button switch. In the Tilt switch, we ran light that repeating several times such as light ran one by one as  Digital light similar to rainbow light turn on many times as  Once’s. We also needed to put many different, types resisters to order to get working. Also, we needed Digital sides (Jumpers) wires to work from the Controller board to breadboard the wires run from number 8 to 2. We needed to use the Loop to runs the repeat the lights to turn.  For example led light can run any amount of sec. I  have decided to run for a certain amount sec. I have chosen to do   5 sec in this project.



When I have done my demo on the breadboard, It becomes interesting because I have play breadboard not working so I have decided to switch sides I  have a mistake by putting the wrong side or resisters issues. I have resolved the issue by changing the led side of light.