Project 11 final Project

On project 11, I  have due similar to project  10. However, I  have done additional demonstrations toward my temperature project on my Arduino breadboard. I  have decided to revise the coding to use degrees in Celsius and Fahrenheit to show.  I  had trouble fixing my breadboard, so I had an additional breadboard to use in this project. The temperature detects voltage to Celcius, Celcius to Fahrenheit, and prints the Fahrenheit and Celcius temperature on the LCD screen. They are devices to measure temperature readings through electrical signals. The sensor is made up of two metals, which generate electrical voltage or resistance once it notices a change in temperature. My demonstration is to used the temperature sensor project to senor the cold weather outside the house and inside the room temperature.  They are both differences between both since there.  When you go outside, The temperature drops when you are outside than inside.  The display screen provides the details of what is the temperature reading.

As learning in the project earns additional demonstration toward my project, then project 10. I  always want to show improvement in each project what  I  have learned in these courses toward my future education or job position where I  would like to teach a  course. I  always like to educate students and troubleshoot them to learn the problem that they are having. Once I  have solved my problems in the educational experiences from the courses in my major.  I could teach students are at a younger age to have these projects to learn from my experiences.  Once you have troubleshooting, you can show the students the trouble that they would have. For instance, I  have extra Arduino kits to use as spare parts or additional parts to used extra projects.