New poem

Your are my sunshine and never be alone


Your bought me a bright side of sun.

I was always be  together with family

You had made me happy when I saw you.



Have we met you in beginning?

Another time never got chance.

If it’s was a different day, I was saw you.

What these sensibilities?

Just to make everyone happy.


I want you know,

Cause we never get-

Knowing my smile in the  bright side,

I  always  not be alone.

Everyone is together to see everyday

Dreams are something

That can’t always be there for you

Nothing we can say,

We can be  together that we  can do.


Poem (In classroom)

In classroom

There was a nice small classroom.

There was a very charming speech teacher.

My speech teacher has a heart to heart relationship,

Which helps improve my language skills.

These skills twist my tongue to make sounds better.

My speech teacher in class brought bright sounds better.

Different poem

There are sharks running down in water.

Their depth can be mean deep in ocean.

Their depth can also mean deep in the clouds which float in the sky, where airplanes pass by.

Sharks expressed as planes down from sky.

There are two different type of colors, that reminds me of camouflage.

Their eyes convey their personality

Their tails bring protection from others.