Project 10 -Display Temperature on LCD

In project 10,   I have created  a room  Display Temperature on LCD. I  have  use  word temperatuur as Temperature. I have never done creating a room temputure  in the LCD  forms. I  have a  troubleshooting on this because  my Temperature  sensor is  different   from source  that  I have  found online. I  have  create a  way  to work on this. Also I  got  stuck  on getting the  sensor  to be stably, so I  have  to  play around  with it. It is a  fun project  to do.


Project 7- Workbook projects

Project 7- Workbook projects

Intro/ Analyst

In Project 7 in workbook , I had to create tone music such as 4 button keys, each key has different tones and stop key.  I have realized this project is like a response key toward pressing a light switch however this once is created many different melodies. In my demonstration, I realized that music has turned the right way with the USB turn on. Then I play with a button that has different tones and one key has turned off.

Project 4

In Project 4, We  need  Servo Motor  and Potentiometer  to work. I have start the Servo Motor  to do a  testing since I  was  not able  to use  the header pin . So, I had to use jumper wire to use Servo Motor  to  test it. I  was able to  test it  and  became to work. Once I  test it without breadboard  it was good. Then I  needed  do on breadboard  to  connected it  good as  well 3 needed  3 jumper wire  for Servo Motor  to connected  since there is  no  hook up connections  towed it.  The Servo Motor  has     red, yellow,  brown wire  to  jumper cable wire  to work in my testing  stage and ran  program to see if the Servo  spins  around. After the testing  stage , I was able  connected to Potentiometer  to analog line with  jumper  cable and Servo Motor   in  Digital  line. They needed send  it  to different  line  to  make it work.   I also needed + and  – wires  to work  with  controller board on 5V and GRD, I had to connect them on those  to work. I  also needed  to  program   Servo Motor   and   Potentiometer to make  connections. After I programed them I  was able  to  turn the Potentiometer and the  Servo Motor    spins  around .


Project 3

Project 3 RGB LED

In this project, I have used a special light that has a  many-colored light. You can choose the color that you want to pick however this light has only run curtains color like runs Red, Green, Blue. At first, I was trying to play with it and I had a  hard time with it and I was able to fix it. I have to find a   right wire to use it because this light needed a  330 K  resisters to run the light. I have used   330K resisters, Jumper wires. We only run a Ground cable in the cycle light switch however it’s repeating the color.







I   have decide to make image as an AT  softwares on desktop and iPad  , and headphones.  I have . currently  working . with DOE  as Assit.  tech team support. I . used JAMF   logo as  to push apps  for laptop and iPad. The headphones  show  to  listen apps  such as  co:writer and wordQ



Different poem

There are sharks running down in water.

Their depth can be mean deep in ocean.

Their depth can also mean deep in the clouds which float in the sky, where airplanes pass by.

Sharks expressed as planes down from sky.

There are two different type of colors, that reminds me of camouflage.

Their eyes convey their personality

Their tails bring protection from others.

About My website

I am interested posting Poets, images. I had been my own poets a . lot lately because I was interested creative writing.

Here example of . my poet

Your are my sunshine and never be alone

  Your bought me a bright side of sun.

I was always be  together with family

You had made me happy when I saw you.

Have we met you in beginning?

 Another time never got chance.

  If it’s was a different day, I was saw you.

  What these sensibilities?

  Just to make everyone happy.

 I want you know,

 Cause we never get-

Knowing my smile in the  bright side,

  I  always  not be alone.

Everyone is together to see everyday  

Dreams are something

  That can’t always be there for you

Nothing we can say,

We can be  together that we  can do.