CT 101 ClassWork

My  class  CT 101  is  the best class for me. I  have  been interested in Web design courses and I  did like to blog.

I  have  also learned  a  new technique of posting that  I had not known. Which is posting a gif via a giphy image into my blog  posts. I have became interested  and I have liked a lot of  cool  features into Web site  blogging courses.

I  never thought having a CT  major  was  hard  to  have. But some  of the classes   are easier  to do then computer  sciences. I  said   the CT  major  is full of interesting classes  to  do. Then I  have  decided  go for it!

I learned  a lot  in  my two semesters at York. I  spoke  with  my  adviser. I  said I  like  the CT major.