Project 4

In Project 4, We  need  Servo Motor  and Potentiometer  to work. I have start the Servo Motor  to do a  testing since I  was  not able  to use  the header pin . So, I had to use jumper wire to use Servo Motor  to  test it. I  was able to  test it  and  became to work. Once I  test it without breadboard  it was good. Then I  needed  do on breadboard  to  connected it  good as  well 3 needed  3 jumper wire  for Servo Motor  to connected  since there is  no  hook up connections  towed it.  The Servo Motor  has     red, yellow,  brown wire  to  jumper cable wire  to work in my testing  stage and ran  program to see if the Servo  spins  around. After the testing  stage , I was able  connected to Potentiometer  to analog line with  jumper  cable and Servo Motor   in  Digital  line. They needed send  it  to different  line  to  make it work.   I also needed + and  – wires  to work  with  controller board on 5V and GRD, I had to connect them on those  to work. I  also needed  to  program   Servo Motor   and   Potentiometer to make  connections. After I programed them I  was able  to  turn the Potentiometer and the  Servo Motor    spins  around .


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